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Our mission is to improve the Climate change debate by bringing to the discussion the historical changes of temperature and related Climate changes. To get the most out of it, all important topics, the data and the conclusions have been collected to a book called

    A Short History of Temperature -> NEW !!! DOWNLOAD THE BOOK IN PDF FORMAT !!!

The aim of the book is to give past, current and future perspectives to some critical temparature and Climate change topics driven by the cyclical celestial forces. These topics are not covered enough in existing public domain data today. We hope that you enjoy the highlights given in the section about the Book, and order a paper copy or download a pdf.

What we predict in brief, that Latest decade and related temperature increase is a temporary phenomena:

  • period of 1995-2000 was a increase period for temperature
  • period of 2000-2005 was a stabilizing period for temperature
  • period of 2006-2013 will be the realization of strongly reverse temperature trend when compared to decade before, however the distribution of the temparature could potentially be much more uneven ever seen before
  • decade beginning 2013 could continue the decrease trend, however there are many unpredictable artificial factors influencing the temparature

Some of related phenomena are visible already now, but much more will be visible in near future Basically the book described the qualitative skeleton for the Global temperature regulation. So in addition to data, which quite much dominates the scene, there is a clear and logical hypothesis which converges Sun cycles, climate, temperature and temperature regulation. The earth quake frequency changes are just one consequence of the temperature changes. However those are very important locally. But more important for us all is the role of Gulf stream and the influence of it to the global temparature balance.

Have a nice reading.

Markku Penttilä, writer

HomeServices and downloadsAbout us