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We also offer consulting services. Our aim is to support organizations in midterm and longterm management of investment portfolios better than in average. If the organizations investement portfolios are closely tied to the Climate change, either by trying to utilize new opportunities or by conserving existing opportunities, our services might help to control and balance the risk portfolios that arise from political and scientifical conflicts around and within the official Climate change.  When long term portfolio of the cycle of the investments is beyond today's climate and weather forecasts, the need for 360 degree risk management is obvious for all market beaters.


Floods and record monsoons, droughts and crop failures, the planet Earth is witnessing a profound change in climate before our very eyes. The debate has rumbled on all around the world, but consensus is elusive, partly due to the many interests at stake, but also to the complexity of the problem – how is terrestrial climate governed? We have only recently discovered that, like any organism, the Earth is subject to cycles, which the techniques now available to modern science can trace back with increasing accuracy over the last million years.

Mainly data in the public domain has been used to examine the interaction of previous factors. In this self-published work is questioned simplistic predictions of temperature change which fail to take into account celestial forces that have caused several Ice Ages. Despite the complexity of the issues, this book aims to introduce to the layman the principles of celestial factors, information of how the Earth behaves, and to illustrate mechanisms like the cyclic decline of the Gulf Stream, or the reappearance of continental glaciers – features which previously we never thought possible. In doing so writer suggests how mankind might profitably address these issues, and induce the reversal of the destructive climate changes.

Book Content

Milankovitch cycles and reconstructed temperature curves are analyzed. The analysis is limited from the current period of time to 800.000 years Before Present (BP). One of the most important assumptions for the analysis is that warming of the climate is not directly related to summer Solar forcing at 65 degrees latitude Northern Hemisphere (NH). The warming is related to Obliquity cycle phases, which have radiation interference with other Cycle phases. The key heat accelerator is the absence of Solar radiation forcing during NH winter.

The Poles have a specific role in the model. They are the only places in the Earth which do not receive Sun during the Northern Hemisphere winter. The relative heat dissipation of the Poles is likely one of the most important factors in the temperature regulation of the Earth. A Pole is like a bowl, which the Gulf Stream warms from the bottom and the wind chills from the edges. The only heat dissipation direction is upwards, to space. It is likely that the Polar vortex volume decline will be a continuous mode during the gradual temperature decline to Ice Age. Ozone depletion dynamics are covered and observations explained qualitatively.

The connection between global temperature and earthquakes is studied. The rise of temperature will lead to the removal of chock locks made of glaciers. Historical sulphate SO4 dependency shows that Earth crust activity varies considerably with temperature. Current Earthquale statistics for 20th century is verified againts temperature changes. The final conclusion is that the movements of tectonic plates will be much more vigorous in future and more force will be delivered via underwater earthquakes.


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